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This site is dedicated to the old Hewlett Packard and Texas Instruments calculators of days gone by. I've also posted articles dealing with HP and TI's including some programs you might like, such as Time Value of Money (TVM) and Games! Got something you'd like to see on this web page? Email me! Note new email address at bottom of page! ** GeneWright143@hotmail.com **
Believe it or not, an UPDATE! 7/21/2001!
Calculator-based Math and Statistics Textbook available!

Uses the HP10B (and is compatible with the new HP-10BII), HP12C, and TI BAII Plus calculators to teach the time value of money and basic business statistics. Used in sophomore college class. I am the author. To find out more, Click here!
Book is available from Amazon.com or slightly cheaper from Efinancebooks.com

How do I pick what to put on here? Newest Items?

7/21/2001 - Looking for an HP owners manual? Visit the HP Museum Site - Now available on CD ROM! Click here
1/10/98 - New! Rare HP-10C picture, as well as HP-11C, HP-12C, HP-15C, and HP-16C pictures
1/3/98 - New! HP-42S Graphical Minehunt Game - Guest Contribution!
1/1/98 - New! TI-74 Basicalc and TI-95 Procalc Pictures!, Links directly to HP Museum's Software Library and Synthetic Programming Reference Page
12/31/97 - New! HP-41 Module Quick Reference Guides!

TI Calculator Pictures -- New! The never released... TI-88
TI Language Tutor TI-2550-III SR-10 SR-11 SR-16 SR-16II SR-50 SR-50A SR-51 SR-51A SR-52 SR-56
TI-55 TI-57 TI-58C TI-59 TI Money Manager TI MBA TI Programmer TI-74 Basicalc TI-95 Procalc
HP Calculator Pictures
New!!!! Rare HP-10C HP-11C HP-12C HP-15C HP-16C HP-19C HP-21 HP-22 HP-25C HP-27 HP-29C
HP-31E HP-32E HP-33C HP-34C HP-37E HP-38C HP-35 HP-41C HP-45 HP-55 HP-65 HP-67 HP-80
HP-91 HP-92 HP-97
Why did people buy Programmable Calculators? and was HP or TI the best? TI or HP?

How do I key those strange TI-58/59 keycodes into LRN mode? Keycodes
An extra 4 memories for the TI-58C? How?.... TI-58C extra memories/program steps
Having problems with your TI-58 or TI-59? Read this ..... TI 58/59 Malfunction page
TI-58/59 Hierarchy Registers..What are they? ..... HIR Registers
TI-58/59 Solid State Software Plug-in ROM Modules ..... Plug-in ROMS
You mean I can turn my TI-57 into a TI-57C? ..... TI-57 with Constant Memory
Can't figure out what adaptor goes with that TI calculator? ..... TI Adaptors
Link to lots of info about old TI calculators. Just be sure to come back..... TI History
Here's an article describing a "fast mode" on the TI-58/59 ..... TI 58/59 Fast Mode

TI Calculator Programs:
TI 59 Treasure Island Game | TI 59 3-D Tic/Tac/Toe Game | TI 58/59 Make up your mind game
TI 59 13 Digit Register Printer | TI 59 Fast Mode Memory Test Program | TI 58/59 Plot 60 in Fast Mode
TI 58/59 Teach Arithmetic Game | SR-52 Teach Arithmetic Game
TI 58/59 Jive Turkey Game | SR-52 Jive Turkey Game
SR-56 Annuities - I% Known | SR-56 Annuities - I% Unknown
SR-56 Sinking Fund - I% Known | SR-56 Sinking Fund - I% Unknown
SR-56 Lunar Lander Game!

New! Got an HP-41 ROM but don't know how to use it?.... Quick Reference Guides
Why play calculator games?.... Why?
Hewlett Packard or Packard Hewlett?.......... PH or HP?
Got an HP series E calculator?...... Self-check Error Codes
What is HP-41 Synthetic Programming?.... Synthetic Programming
What do HP-41 XROM Numbers mean?...... HP-41 XROM numbers
Own a PPC ROM and a manual? Here's some manual corrections... Corrections
Here are the functions in the HP-41 Infrared Printer ROM..... HP-41 IR Module
What does that HP-41 Printer MAN/TRACE/NORM Switch do anyway?.... HP-41 Printer Switch
Updated!... HP-80 Instructions and Tips... HP-80 Instructions
Link to lots of old HP-71 and HP-75 software, including LIF to DOS disk conversion software.... HP-71/75
Print your own HP-41 Bar Code! Five HP-41 Bar Code printing Programs!
Note: HP-41 and Wand Owners! Web Bar Code Test!!! Bar Code test!

HP Calculator Programs: Note: I think the games are all good! Try one!

HP-25 Shooting Gallery | HP-25 Concentration Game | HP-25/HP-33 Memory Game
HP-25 Trapped Game | HP-25 Blackjack | HP-25 Nimb | HP-25 Battleship!
HP-25 Golf! | HP-25 Slot Machine! | HP-25/33/10C TVM

HP-19C/29C/34C/11C/15C TVM | HP-19C/29C Bagels Game | HP-19C/29C Teach Arithmetic
HP-19C/29C Blackjack Game! HP-19C/29C Craps Game! | HP-19C/29C Multiple L.R.

HP-34C Curve Fits! | HP-25 Hyperbolic functions | HP-38E/C Trig Functions!

HP-55 Nimb | HP-55 Lunar Lander!

HP-65 Business Functions | HP-65 TVM - I% Known | HP-65 TVM - I% Unknown
HP-65 Game of Craps! | HP-65 Lunar Lander! | HP-65 Tic-Tac-Toe!
HP-65 Bagels! | HP-65 High-Low! | HP-65 Eleven-thirty Game!
HP-65 Ping Pong Game! | HP-65 Viking Lander! | HP-65 Chuck-a-luck!

HP-67/97 Pegged Game | HP-67/97 Golf! | HP-67/97 One-armed Bandit
HP-67/97 Tic-tac-toe Game | HP-67/97 Algebraic Operating System
HP-67/97 Jive Turkey Game | HP-67/97 Pinball Wizard | HP-67/97 Star Trek
HP-67/97 Blackjack Game! | HP-67/97 Game of Bagels/Mastermind! | HP-67/97 Chess Game

HP-41/42 Yahtzee Game | HP-41/42 High Rollers Game
HP-41/42 Game of Skunk! | HP-41/42 Wizard of Pinball Game
HP-41/42 Calendar Printer | HP-41/42 Catch the Goufers Game!
HP-41/42 Programmable Star Trek Game! | HP-41/42 Swap Game
HP-41/42 Adventure Game | HP-41/42 Othello/Reversi Game
HP-41/42 String Functions | HP-41/42 Computer Simulator! New! HP-42S Graphical Minehunt Game!

HP-28S Speed-up Program | HP-28/48 Hangman Game! | HP-42S Speed-up Program

HP-41 Key Assignment Program using only X-functions and Timer Functions! (Heavy stuff here)

New! A great discussion with examples for HP-41 Synthetic Programming at the HP Museum HP-41 SP

New! More HP calculator software can be found at the HP Museum...just come back sometime! More HP software

Coming Soon! HP-48 Yahtzee, TI-59 Calendar Printing programs, HP-41/42 Mini-Chess

Now, my shameless appeal to find some old equipment for myself. ;-)
....I am looking for old Hewlett Packard calculators in working condition. I'm not interested in the HP-28, HP-48, HP-12C's.

I'm also looking for HP-41C calculators and Peripherals I'm looking for old HP-41C's with serial numbers of 1938AXXXX or smaller. The serial number can be found on the back side of the calculator. Peripherals I'm searching for include HP-IL printers, disk drives, and RAM disks.

Got something you might sell or trade? Drop me an email and tell me (1) what you have, (2) what kind of condition it's in, and (3) what you would want for it.
New! Lots of Calculator Links
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