PPC ROM Manual Corrections

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Own a PPC ROM and perhaps a manual? Then if you use it, you might want to make sure the corrections listed below are noted on the correct pages. The 500+ page manual is still an outstanding achievement.

This list of corrections comes from the V8N6P25 (Aug-Dec 1981) issue of the PPC Journal. I have left out any corrections designed to correct spelling unless it is critical for the correct understanding/operation of the routine.

Abbreviations used: LC - left column, RC - right column, NP - nth paragraph, NL - nth line of text, DB - should be in a dark box like other routine references.

The initial numbers along the left side are ROM Manual page numbers. The first three listings would be interpreted as follows: 1) Left Column on page vii: Add to last line "e.g. page 351". 2) Right column in the Postscript 2nd paragraph 3rd line: Add a 133 before 135. 3) Right column in the Postscript 2nd paragraph 4th line: Insert 401 between 387 and 415.

vii - LC: Add to last line: e.g. page 351.

vii - RC: Postscript 2P, 3L: Add 133 before 135.

vii - RC: Postscript 2P, 4L: Insert 401 between 387 and 415.

3 - LC: 3P from bottom. Appendix N SB Appendix O.

6 - LC: Under Mathematics. DF routine shows NONE for calls. Should be VA. Delete SK call for FD, Change the call for GN to RN from RD.

7 - LC: 2P from bottom. AM should be in a DB.

9 - RC: 5P, 2L: that should be "than".

13 - RC: 1P, 3L: registers should be register.

13 - RC: 1P, 5L: delete "SM and" at the end of the line.

14 - RC: 5P, 4L: MK should be in a DB

17 - RC: 2P, 7L: ''72" should be 89.

18 - RC: Under "Byte Number" at the top of the box: IFF should be 1FF.

28 - RC: 2P, 9L: Insert "NOT" between "is" and "necessary".

34 - RC: 2P, 6th numbered line: delete the second "6".

44 - LC: 2P, MK at end 0) line should be MK in a DB

46 - LC: 1P, 1L: HP41C should be "HP41"

46 - LC: 1P, 5L: Printer should be "printed"

76 - LC: 3P, last line: 7.3789 value is incorrect (DEG mode value). Answer should be -7.3151.

85 - LC: 2P, 1L: CD should be in a DB.

105 - LC: 4L: Delete line "Anonymous P, D, O".

109 - Paul Lind's member number is (6157). (Granted, this one may not be important, but it probably was and may still be to Paul!).

119 - RC: SUMREG "noused" should be "used".

133 - 3rd column from the right. Line 57 should be RCL IND N.

140 - LC: 5P, 2nd from last line 'necessarily "be" '.

167 - LC: 4P "STO C" should be "STO d".

233 - Under Port Extender - "An 41C" should be "A 41".

239 - Last paragraph, 2nd last line "is necessary" should be "is NOT necessary".

251 - LC: Underline Q-LOADER. The MD in the 5th line should be MK in a DB.

284 - LC: 4P, under b, 2L: "1M cd" should be "1n cd".

284 - LC: 4P, under b, 3L: "00 1M" should be "00 1n".

284 - RC: 4P, under d: "BM" should be "B subscript n".

297 - LC: 2nd last entry: Tones 1 thru 127 should be "Tones 0 thru 127".

360 - RC: 3L: "...until the..." should read "until AN EMPTY REGISTER OR the...".

387 - Top of table. Add "Synthetic" above (GROUP).

401 - Top of table. Add "Synthetic" above (GROUP).

432 - RC: 3P, last line: "completed" should be "complete".

449 - Add **END** above page number.

456 - RC: Under A. 4) 2d should be in a DB

491 - LC: 2L: PRM should be "RRM"

492 - Under T, Tones, Synthetic. Add this entry: TONE TABLE....437

492 - Under X. Add this entry: XROM Table....452

PPC ROM Pocket Guide Corrections. Note that there were two pocket guides produced. One was originally sent with the ROMS when I received mine in December 1981. Another was produced later and sent out in 1984-1985 or so. These corrections apply to the original pocket guide.

6 - 2nd last line in CA: 12:Y1X should be 12: Y^X.

8 - 3rd last line: "3:Y 4:X" should be "3:Y-hat 4:X-hat", meaning the statistical jargon for predicted Y and predicted X.

20 - Delete the second "MAKE" in the MK routine title.

That's it. Hope this helps.