How do I pick programs to post?

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Well, I try to pick programs to post here that are things people might actually want to key up and type into their calculators.

I want to provide programs of two types: Things that might be useful to someone (such as a time value of money program or a diagnostic routine to see if a machine is working correctly) or things that would be entertaining, such as games. Someone with an HP-25 might key in a 40-something step game and try it out and remember how it used to work. I don't think someone will key in a 40 step base conversion routine for the HP-25. Therefore, I'll pick and put the game on here but won't put things like the base conversion programs online.

Some programs and games were so well written and were such a good example of what could be done with these calculators that they deserve to continue living on in some manner. Programs such as the HP-67 Pinball Wizard, the HP-41 Othello and Mini-Chess, the HP-65 annuities programs that only take two cards instead of 20.

It's also a chance to share my OWN programs with the world at large. I've been working on my Yahtzee program since 1985. My Skunk program works quite well too, IMHO.

Also, I try to have several programs for a given model. I'd like to put some programs up for the HP-55 for example, but I won't bother putting up a 2 x 2 determinant program for it because I don't think any one would bother typing it in.

Other things I've put on my site are designed to be helpful or to be a source of information that someone might not otherwise be able to get, such as information about the PPC ROM manual corrections, or the TI- 58/59 Fast Mode, etc.

What types of things might I post in the future? Well, I'm still going to put up more Star Trek programs for the HP-41, a Wizard of Pinball for the HP-41, Backgammon for the TI-59, perhaps checkers for the HP-41 and others.

So, if you have a program, game or otherwise that you'd like to share with the world (or our little corner of it), email me and let's put it online. ;-)