Give your TI-57 Constant Memory!

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Here's a weird little way to give a TI-57 Constant Memory using the last 2 program memory steps.

This was originally from a French magazine, but was repeated in the V7N6 TI PPC Notes on page 9.

At the end of your TI-57 program, step 48, place the following:

2nd EXC, press SST, LBL 1, then press LRN

Now, when you want to switch your calculator off, to save the memory, press GTO, 2nd, 48, R/S, INV, STO, 3, +/-, +/-. The display will go blank. Thus, the machine will not supply any more power to light the display. Apparently, it uses even less power than the TI-58C to save both programs and data!

When you want to switch the power back on, press INV, FIX, CLR.

That's it. Enjoy.

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