Texas Instruments Calculator Chargers and Adaptors
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Nothing is more frustrating that to get a calculator and not be able to tell what kind of AC adaptor or charger it needs. This is particularly frustrating in the case of TI calculators, since many different models use similar looking adaptors. Well, here is a list of the common TI adaptors and the calculators they go with. No warranty is implied. If somehow this information zaps your machine, I'll be sorry but not responsible! If you can help fill in any gaps, let us know!

Adaptor AC-9120

TI-2500 Datamath with 4 non-rechargeable batteries

Adaptor AC-9130, 120V input, 6 Volt 175 MA output

TI-2500 Datamath with 3 rechargeable batteries, TI-2500 Datamath II with two rechargeable batteries, TI-2550, SR-52 (And I would imagine the SR-50, SR-51, SR-50A, SR-51A, SR-56, as these all use a TI-BP1 or BP1A)

Adaptor AC-9130, 120V input, 8.2 Volt 225 MA output

No knowledge of what calculator this goes to. If you know, please let us hear about it

Adaptor AC-9131, 120V input, 3.3 Volt 500 MA output

SR-51-II, TI-58, TI-58C, TI-59 (these all use TI-BP1A battery pack as well, but have a different plug)

Adaptor AC-9132, 120V input, 5.7 Volt 240 MA output

TI-30, SR-40, TI-55, TI-57, TI Business Analyst I, TI-MBA (These use either the BP-7 or BP-8)

Adaptor AC-9180, 120V input, 9.5 Volt 50 MA output

TI-1025, TI-1200, TI-1250, TI-1400

Adaptor AC-9200, 115/230V input, 8 Volt 100 MA output

SR-10, SR-11 (and probably SR-16)

Adaptor AC-9201, 120V input, 6 Volt, 300 ma output

CC-40, TI-74, TI-95

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