How do I key those strange keycodes?
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When you are keying in a program into the TI-58 or TI-59, sometimes you come across either functions or keycodes that don't seem very obvious at first how to enter into the calculator's program mode.

Here's a list (that might expand if further questions arise) of some of the more common keycodes that aren't obvious how to enter.

RTN - Keycode 92. To enter the return command (which terminates a subroutine, you must first press INV then the SBR button. Essentially, TI decided to make the return function an "inverse subroutine." Bizzare, but also has some logic to it.

HIR - Keycode 82. To enter functions containing the HIR function requires a couple of steps. First, the HIR command stands for Hierarchy function. This is a function that TI left in the TI-58 and TI-59 without mentioning it in the manuals and later admitted it's existence and even touted it's benefits. The HIR function allows you to access and put data into the pending operations registers in these calculators. Pending operations occur whenever you enter an expression using the AOS (algebraic operating system) on the TI-58 and TI-59 and have to store the first numbers and operations you key in until the expression can be evaluated. For example, 1 + 2 * 3 ^ 4 = contains 3 pending operations. There are registers that hold these numbers. They are accessed and available only from within a running program using the HIR command.

But how do I key the 82 keycode in? Key in this: STO 82. This puts a 42 82 into program memo Then go back and delete the STO part of the instruction (the 42 keycode). If you need an 82 36 let's say, then put into program memory STO 82 STO 36, then go back and delete both 42 keycodes to leave the 82 36.

I'm sure I'll be adding more of these to this list. If you see a keycode that doesn't make sense at first, email me and I'll add a description. That's it!