Quantitative Analysis For Business
The Time Value of Money and
Basic Business Statistics
Using a Business Calculator

Yes, the title is correct. This is a textbook I wrote that we presently are using in my sophomore level Quantitative Analysis for Business class at a local university.

The class covers two broad areas of math application to business problems: The Time Value of Money and an Introduction to Basic Statistics. This is also a very valuable tool for CFA Exam candidates to become familiar with the HP-12C or TI BAII Plus calculators, since these are the only two allowed on that exam!

The book is just under 300 pages (8.5x11), softcover (which is a light gray in the picture below) and has 12 chapters. It is spiral bound with an attractive white plastic spiral - this means it will lay FLAT when you're reading it or using it! The book is available on Amazon.com and is in the Library of Congress.

The book uses three commonly available business calculators - the HP-10B, the HP-12C, and the TI BAII Plus Advanced Business Analyst. However, the approaches used (and even many of the keys presses) would work with any business calculator or programmable calculator running a Time Value of money program.

Chapters included: Simple Interest, Compound Interest, More Compound Interest Topics, Annuities, More Annuity Topics, Special Annuities, Cash Flow Analysis, Data Collection and Presentation, Central Tendency and Dispersion, Basic Probability Concepts, Probability Distributions, and Correlation and Linear Regression.

Here's an excerpt from chapter 7:

And here's an excerpt from chapter 11:

If you wish to see more of this text, you can download several pages in PDF format (for which you'll need a reader) by going here: Click here to download/view sample

I wrote this book so that someone could (hopefully) sit down, read it and have it seem as if I were sitting there explaining the topic being covered, using as conversational a style as I could. :-)

Price to students at University store $49.99. Now available on Amazon.com by clicking here or available cheaper from www.efinancebooks.com

If you are interested, email Gene!

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