HP-41 Infrared Printer Module Functions

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The information presented below first appeared in the V1N2 HPX Exchange March/April 1987.

On August 1, 1987, Hewlett-Packard announced the HP 82242A Infrared Printer Module for the HP-41. This ROM emits an infrared beam, allowing the HP-41 to use the 82240A (and now the 82240B -GW) printer. The module provides all of the functions contained in the 82143 printer as well as the FMT function of the 82162 printer.

The printer also has the following functions not contained in either of those printers:

Name       Description
DELAY      Set the time between output of lines of information.
           Valid input range is 0.9 to 2.9 seconds, (it is believed)
MAN        Sets manual mode (done with a switch on the front of the
           82143 and 82162 printers).
           Clears flags 15 and 16 for use with the 82240 IR printers.
NORM       Clears flag 15. Sets flag 16.      
TRACE      Sets flag 15. Clears flag 16.
MAPON      Remaps character set for compatibility with the 82143
           and 82162 printers. A few characters are not mapped the same.
MAPOFF     Uses the standard character set of eh 82240 IR printer.
PRTON      Sets flag 21 and flag 55.
PRTOFF     Clears flags 21 and flag 55.
RESETP     Return system control flags to their default state. This
           resets to MAPON, standard DELAY, MAN and flags 21 and 55 set.
STARTU     Accumulate start underlining
STOPU      Stop underlining

STARTU and STOPU are the two truly new features. They operate much as the FMT function does. To print some underlined characters, you would execute STARTU, ACA, STOPU followed by a PRBUF or ADV. The printer buffer size is 200 characters (compared to 43 on the 82143 and 60 something(?) on the 82162).
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