HP-41 ROM Module Quick Reference Guides!

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Hopefully, this list will grow as I have time to post more pictures. Hopefully these will help some people! Once you go to a page, you can use the BACK button on your browser to return here to see another scan.

These files are JPEG graphics. To make sure they were readable, I had to scan them at 150 dpi, which means they are pretty big files and will take a while to download. Sorry about that! (of course, if you have a T-1 or a cable modem, it won't take long at all!).

HP-41 Math Rom Page 1
HP-41 Math Rom Page 2

HP-41 Statistics Rom Page 1
HP-41 Statistics Rom Page 2

HP-41 Financial Decisions Rom Page 1
HP-41 Financial Decisions Rom Page 2

HP-41 Extended Functions 1
HP-41 Extended Functions 2

HP-41 Standard Rom

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That's all there is to it. More to come! Enjoy!
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