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One Dollar Calculators - Calculators costing only one dollar are now fairly common. While these calculators are fairly humble, they offer a lot of "bang for the buck," offering capabilities that would have cost in excess of $100 in the early 70s. Check out this review of eleven different one-dollar calculators, and see how much calculator you can actually get for a dollar.

Sub-Five Dollar Scientific Calculators - Scientific calculators used to cost hundreds of dollars. In the past few years, scientific calculators costing less that five dollars have reliably showed up on the market. This review looks at models from two different manufacturers. Both calculators use a generic 56-function scientific calculator chip.

Sub-Twenty Dollar Graphing Calculators - In June 2006, Walmart started selling a graphing calculator under their Durabrand trademark for less than twenty dollars. Since that time, several other graphing calculators selling for less that twenty dollars have shown up on the market.

Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Sceintific Calculator - In June 2007, the latest member of the venerable TI-30 line hit store shelves.


Last updated September 3, 2007