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Kinpo Calculator Self-Test Function Links

Kinpo Electronics, Inc., an ODM company, designs and manufactures products for other companies. This author is aware of Kinpo designed calculators being sold under the Citizen, Datexx, and Hewlett-Packard brands. Kinpo has also manufactured calculators under contract for Texas Instruments.

Below are links to self-test instructions for Kinpo manufactured calculators.

DS-834 Scientific Calculator - also known as: Kinpo SR19S1, Citizen SRP-285II
DS-883 Graphing Calculator - also known as: Kinpo SG2, Citizen SRP-400G
HP-9G Graphing Calculator - also known as: Kinpo SG1, Citizen SRP325G
HP-30S - (A Kinpo SR18? It is not shown on the Kinpo web site, and there is no equivalent Citizen model.)
HP-33S - (Designed and manufactured by Kinpo specifically for HP.)


Last updated December 3, 2004