Bar Code from the 82162 Small HP-IL Thermal Printer

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1) This program requires the HP-IL Module, the HP-IL 82162 thermal printer and the HP-41 Plotter Module.
2) Note: The program also requires Black thermal paper. You won't get proper results if you try to use BLUE thermal paper in the HP-41 printer.
3) The program also requires at least 26 free registers to create an I/O buffer in the unused program memory area of the HP-41. These 26 registers will remain "used" until you clear them by turning the HP-41 off, removing the Plotter module, then turning the HP-41 back on again.

This program is taken from the HP-41 Plotter Manual, pages 172 and 173.

Instructions: Execute the program. At the NAME? prompt, enter the name of the program for which you wish to print bar code. The program will produce rows of bar code printed on the 24 column thermal paper. You will need to cut and paste the rows manually after they are printed if you want a nice page of bar code.

Program Listing: The strange functions you see in the program listing below at lines 3, 19, and 22 are functions from the Plotter Module. The RUP at line 20 stands for Roll Up.
Line      Instruction
01         LBL "PRBC"
02         SF 25
03         PINIT
04         CF 29
05         FIX 0
06         CF 23
07         "NAME?"
08         AON
09         PROMPT
10         AOFF
11         FC?C 23
12         RTN
13         1.09
14         ASTO Y
15         LBL 01
16         "ROW: "
17         ARCL X
18         PRA
19         BCP
20         RUP
21         CHS
22         BCO
23         RDN
24         X NE 0?
25         GTO 01
26         END

That's it. Hope it's useful!