Copyright (C) 2003 Mike Sebastian.

Aurora Calculator Self-Test Functions


FN1000 Financial Calculator

WARNING: Invoking the test described below may result in the clearing of data memory, program memory, and mode settings.

The FN1000 has two separate test functions, an internal self-test, and a keyboard/display test.

To perform the internal self-test, with the calculator off, press and hold the multiply key (or the plus key 1), press and release the ON/OFF key, then release the multiply key. The calculator will display
Fr H... for approximately nine seconds,
Fr L... for approximately twenty seconds,
CHE--Eb82H for approximately three seconds, and
in cob until the self-test is exited.
This self-test function cannot be exited by a key press until "in cob" is displayed. Exit this self-test by pressing ON/OFF, which will turn the calculator off, or by pressing any other key, which will cause the error indicator and "9" (error 9) to be displayed. (The self-test can be exited at any time by pressing the reset button on the back of the calculator.)

To perform the keyboard/display test, with the calculator off, press and hold the divide key, press and release the ON/OFF key, then release the divide key. Then, with the exception of the ON/OFF key, press each key in order from left to right on each row, from the top row to the bottom row. Different combinations of segments and indicators in the display will be turned on as each test key is pressed. When the keyboard test has progressed to the point where the roll-down key is pressed, all segments and indicators will be turned on. When the last key, ENTER, is pressed, "End SE9" is displayed. Press any key to exit. If any key is pressed out of order, or is pressed twice, the error indicator and "9" (error 9) will be displayed.

1 While the FN1000 is curiously similar to the Hewlett-Packard HP-12C, there are differences. Unlike the HP-12C, pressing the plus and ON/OFF keys as discussed above does not initiate a continuous internal self-test. Although, pressing and holding the minus key, then pressing the ON/OFF key, and then releasing the minus key does clear memory and reset the calculator default modes, and display "Pr Error", just like the HP-12C.


Last updated September 6, 2003