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Dollar Calculators - Jot Brand

Jot "Big Display" desktop calculator

I was not impressed with this calculator. The battery was almost dead, and the solar cell cannot power calculator under normal office/home lighting conditions.

The exterior of the calculator looked like the molds had seen a lot of abuse. There were places that looked like there was scuffing. The left side, both top and bottom, were very rough.

Jot "Big Display" calculator.

Case front and electronics (left), and case back (right).

There was lots of loose flashing inside case. The display was poorly supported.

Jot "Pocket Calculator"

This is a cute little calculator - I like electronic devices with transparent cases. The interior of the calculator was neat, with no real flaws.

Jot "Pocket Calculator."
Backside of calculator, with internals visible. Note that PCB is back of the keyboard.

Case back (left), case front and electronics (right).

The interior looked generally good. The PCB, which is the back of the keyboard, was heat staked (one pin), but, the PCB is well supported by the back case of the calculator. There was slight rust on the cell (no evidence of leakage).


Last updated July 8, 2006