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Dollar Calculators - base 8 brand

This is a pretty nice calculator, especially for its one dollar cost. It compares favorably with calculators costing more - I think it would be a good value at two dollars.

While it has rubber keys, they are not objectionable. The cover that folds over the front of the calculator is a nice feature, and would make this a good calculator to keep in the glove box of a car.

About the only thing I don't like about this calculator is the aspect ratio of the digits.

Base 8 GD35 calculator distributed by Dolgencorp, Inc. (Dollar General Stores).

Cover (left), case back (center), case front and electronics (right).

The PCB was heat staked in place. The backplate of the keyboard was plastic and the keyboard looked well supported. The exterior case surfaces were smooth and neat. The calculator was held together with stainless steel (non-magnetic) screws.


Last updated July 8, 2006