Toshiba Semiconductors

The following data sheets are PDF files from the Toshiba Semiconductor web site. Each PDF file averages 800K. While these chips are not used in "classic" calculators, they provide insight into how currently marketed calculators are designed.

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later installed on your system to properly display and print these PDF documents.

Portable Calculator Chips
T9790U 8 digit, 1 memory
JT6A72-CS 8 digit, 1 memory
JT6A73-CS 8 digit, 1 memory
T6M14S/JT6M14-CS 10 digit, 1 memory
T9947S/JT9947X-AS 10 digit, 1 memory

Calculator-Watch Chips
JT7579A-AS 8 digit
JT7934A-AS 8 digit, dual time, snooze, stop watch

Desktop Non-printing Calculator Chips
T6M45/JT6M45-AS 10/12 digit (selectable), 2 memories
JT6M57-AS mirror version of T6M45/JT6M45
T6M23A/JT6M23A-AS 12/14 digit (selectable), 2 memories
T6M72/JT6M72-AS mirror version of T6M23A/JT6M23A-AS
T6M74A/JT6M74A-AS 16 digit, 1 memory
T6M81A/JT6M81A-AS mirror version of T6M74A/JT6M74A-AS
T6A11A/JT6A11AX-AS 10/12 digit (selectable), 2 memories, tax function
T6A36S/JT6A36X-AS 8 digit, 1 memory, tax function

Scientific Calculator Chips
T6M27S 8 digit scientific, 27 functions
T7980S 8 digit scientific, 45 functions
T7987A/JT7987AY-CS 10+2 digit scientific, 67 functions *
T7988/JT7988Y-AS 10+2 digit scientific, 67 functions *
T6M19/JT6M19-AS 10+2 digit scientific, 67 functions *
T7942S 10+2 digit programmable scientific, 129 functions

* The three 67 function scientific calculator chips appear to be those used in the Hewlett Packard HP-6S and HP-6S Solar, the Texas Instruments TI-34, the Radio Shack EC-4048, and the Datexx DS-700-30Xa. (It is impossible really know for sure, since the chip in each of these calculators in my collection is hidden under a blob of epoxy.) My speculation is that the HP-6S and DS-700-30Xa both use the T7987S, the HP-6S Solar uses the T7988, and the EC-4048 uses the T6M19. Joerg Woerner reports that the TI-34 uses the T7988.


Last updated December 29, 2001