Sharp EL-5510

Datasheet legend
Ab/c: Fractions calculation
AC: Alternating current
BaseN: Number base calculations
Card: Magnetic card storage
Cmem: Continuous memory
Cond: Conditional execution
Const: Scientific constants
Cplx: Complex number arithmetic
DC: Direct current
Eqlib: Equation library
Exp: Exponential/logarithmic functions
Fin: Financial functions
Grph: Graphing capability
Hyp: Hyperbolic functions
Ind: Indirect addressing
Intg: Numerical integration
Jump: Unconditional jump (GOTO)
Lbl: Program labels
LCD: Liquid Crystal Display
LED: Light-Emitting Diode
Li-ion: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Lreg: Linear regression (2-variable statistics)
mA: Milliamperes of current
Mtrx: Matrix support
NiCd: Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable battery
NiMH: Nickel-metal-hydrite rechargeable battery
Prnt: Printer
RTC: Real-time clock
Sdev: Standard deviation (1-variable statistics)
Solv: Equation solver
Subr: Subroutine call capability
Symb: Symbolic computing
Tape: Magnetic tape storage
Trig: Trigonometric functions
Units: Unit conversions
VAC: Volts AC
VDC: Volts DC
Years of production:   Display type: Alphanumeric display  
New price:   Display color: Black  
    Display technology: Liquid crystal display 
Size: 3"×7½"×½" Display size: 16 characters and 12 
Weight: 5 oz    
    Entry method: BASIC expressions 
Batteries: 2×"CR-2032" Lithium Advanced functions: Trig Exp Hyp Lreg Fin Cmem 
External power:   Memory functions:
I/O: Interface port     
    Programming model: BASIC 
Precision: digits Program functions: Jump Cond Subr Lbl Ind  
Memories: 3662(0) bytes Program display: Text display  
Program memory: 3454 kilobytes Program editing: Text editor  
Chipset:   Forensic result: 8.99998153428  

el5510.jpg (35776 bytes)It is not often these days that I get my hands on a "new" calculator that is more than just another trivial variation on a well known theme.

At first sight, the Sharp EL-5510 looks just like that, a variation on a theme. However, it is a somewhat unusual machine: it is the combination of a fairly standard BASIC-programmable hand-held computer and a financial calculator.

It is not supposed to be rare but it is; I have known about this model for years, but only recently did I actually obtain one. Mind you, "obtain" is probably the wrong word to use: I was not doing anything to make it happen, rather, it was Mike Sebastian who decided to send me this unit. Thank you, Mike!

Apart from the financial functions, it is pretty much as basic (no pun intended) model in Sharp's line of BASIC-programmable handheld calculators from the 1980s. Indeed, the financial functions appear to be a bit of an afterthought. Witness for instance this sentence from the manual: "For example, 'sin 30' may be entered either by operating [sin] 30 or [S] [I] [N] 30." Except that unlike most other models in Sharp's lineup which are scientific calculators, this machine does not have a [sin] key!

What it does have is a set of the usual financial functions for calculating compound interest, mortgage amortizations, and the like.

Very obviously, it also lacks an implementation of the Gamma function. Which allows me to introduce my usual programming example:

10:DATA 76.18009172,9.5E-9
20:DATA -86.50532032,-9.4E-9
30:DATA 24.01409824,8E-10
40:DATA -1.231739572,-4.5E-10
50:DATA 1.208650973E-3,8.7E-13
60:DATA -5.395239384E-6,-9.5E-16
100:INPUT "X=",X
120:IF X>=0 THEN 160
150: GOTO 120
170:FOR I=1 TO 6
180:READ C,D
200:NEXT I
210:G=LN (SQR (2*PI)*G/X)
220:G=G-X-5.5+LN (X+5.5)*(X+.5)